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Welcome new and returning students! Here’s what’s happening at the library:

You can access the library 24/7!

Beginning this term, all registered MCCN students have access to the Library 24/7! You will be able to access the library by swiping your MCCN badge at the third library entrance only. All library visitors must wear MCHS/MCCN badges when visiting. For students' safety, doors to the library and CLE will lock at 5 p.m. and require a badge swipe to enter. Library staffing hours will remain the same.

Mount Carmel College of Nursing will be celebration Constitution Day on September 21 in the College Lounge. Stay tuned for additional details about this annual educational program.

Maddison Belcher volunteered at Flying Horse Farms, a camp for children with serious illnesses. She journaled her experiences during the week she spent there.

All new system access requests for computer log-ins, email, CARMELink, and any other college technology system must be submitted through Suzy Gruber at (614) 234-5726 or sgruber@mccn.edu.

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