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Based on an idea of Vickie Warschauer, MS, RN, and compiled by Michelle Richards, BA, administrative support staff, the Business Office is selling a cookbook featuring recipes contributed by MCCN faculty, staff and students to support future MCCN mission trips. Cookbooks are sold in exchange for a donation of any amount. The ingredients and preparation instructions are very clear and many of the recipes have photos so you can see what the item should look like when prepared. This project already has raised $1,247 toward future mission trips.

Current sophomores: lighten your load for fall semester by taking Human Nutrition this summer! For the first time, MCCN is offering Human Nutrition during Summer Semester.

Donna McCray from Fifth Third Bank will hold a workshop on money and budgeting on Monday, April 18, at noon in the College Lounge. She has useful tips and tricks and makes the subject interesting and entertaining. The College will provide pizza and salad. Additional information is forthcoming.

Join Deborah Huff, APRN, BC, for breathing meditation and Kerry Fankhauser, MSN, RN, UZIT, for yoga on Sunday, April 3, and Sunday, April 10, from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. in the Healthy Living Center at 777 W. State St. (across from the CLE). Equipment will be provided or bring your own. Questions? Please contact Kerry Fankhauser at kfankhauser@mccn.edu.

  • 78% of college students have a credit card
  • 48% of graduating students have an average credit card debt of $3,176
  • 8.7% of all bankruptcies are people under the age of 25
  • A credit card purchase of $500 would take 6 years and 7 months to pay off if only the minimum monthly payments were made and the interest paid would total over $300.

OSU Star House is a 24/7 drop-in center for the homeless youth ages 14 to 24 throughout Columbus to provide for their immediate needs as well as connecting them with community-based services such as medical care, therapy and help with obtaining legal identification documents.

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