Jody Gill-Rocha, MS, RN

As part of our ongoing series of profile faculty and staff representatives, this month we feature freshman advisor and assistant professor, Jody Gill-Rocha, MS, RN.

Name: Jody Gill-Rocha, MS, RN, assistant professor

Hometown: Chillicothe, Ohio

Alma Mater: Ohio University (BSN) and Mount Carmel College of Nursing (MS)

I can’t live without: Coffee

If I could spend the day with one person it would be: Florence Nightingale (wouldn’t that be fabulous)

If I could travel anywhere, I would go to: Italy

When I have down time, I: Listen to Audio Books and music

My favorite movie is: “The Way We Were”

The quote I tend to live by is: “Don’t’ wait for your ship to come; swim out to it!”

I am a nurse educator because: I love being a nurse and teaching. I love to watch my students grow and become excited when they start to think critically. I smile when their whole face lights up, and they become more confident in themselves.

The best advice I could give to incoming freshmen is: Open your book! Study! Practice ATI Questions and Listen to your Professors. They are there to help you be successful.

One thing you may not know about me is: I was an actress in the Original Cast of the Outdoor Drama “Tecumseh”

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