A couple of our Nightingales spent some time this summer doing mission work.

2016 grad Tess Robson worked in Nicaragua, cementing her belief that pediatric nursing is her life’s calling. When describing her experience, Tess said, “I had the opportunity to watch children receive love. Real, true, honest love. These kids don't have all the distractions/amenities that some children in the United States have. No Xbox. No iPhones. Not even a home that can guarantee a dry place to sleep. But these kids have joy!” Tess is now working as an RN at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

Megan and Kasey Tess

Megan Thomas, a junior at the Lancaster campus, and Kasey Derexson, a junior at the Columbus campus, worked at a church in Freeport, Bahamas. During the day, they helped paint the Heritage Nazarene Church. In the evenings, they held Vacation Bible School where they talked about the Bible, sang and danced, made crafts, and played games. Megan and Kasey loved the relationships they formed with the people and children of Freeport.

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