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Gratitude and congratulations go to the founders of MCCN, the Sisters of the Holy Cross, who this year celebrate two milestone anniversaries. Their religious order traces its beginnings to Le Mans, France, where in 1841 — 175 years ago — the Marianites of Holy Cross were founded. Out of that order grew the Sisters of the Holy Cross who 130 years ago arrived in Columbus – in 1886 – to administer the new Mount Carmel Hospital in Franklinton. It soon became apparent to the Sisters that professionally trained nurses were in high demand but short supply. They solved the problem by opening a training school for nurses in 1903: Mount Carmel School of Nursing. Had it not been for the Sisters’ foresight, forbearance and fortitude, the College we know and love today would not have been.

First Graduates

Today, we boast alumni all across the country – indeed around the world – all of whom have fond memories of their days at “the Mount.” And so, on behalf of the alumni, faculty, staff and students of Mount Carmel, let us offer our congratulations on these significant milestones – as well as our heartfelt gratitude and ongoing appreciation – to our founders, the Sisters of the Holy Cross.

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