Brigit Duggan

As part of our ongoing series of faculty and staff profiles, this month we feature Brigit Duggan, RPh, MS, RN, CNE, assistant professor.

Name: Brigit Duggan

Nickname: My friends tend to call me whatever they want.

Hometown: Lapeer, Michigan

Alma Mater: Take your pick: Lapeer High School, The Ohio State University, Mount Carmel College of Nursing

I can’t live without: Physically: Water. Mentally: The great outdoors. Emotionally: Singing. Spiritually: Jesus Christ.

If I could spend the day with one person it would be: My appointment with Jesus lasts forever, so for one day, Abraham Lincoln. I’d like to understand how he managed to keep this country from being utterly destroyed from within.

If I could travel anywhere, I would go to: Red Rocks Wildlife Refuge, Montana.

When I have down time, I: Down time? BWAHAHAHAHA! That’s why I’m retiring.

My favorite movie is: The Best Years of Our Lives – a great classic movie.

The quote I tend to live by is: “When all is said and done, there’s usually more said than done.”

I am a nurse educator because: God opened the door.

The best advice I could give to incoming freshmen is: Keep moving forward.

One thing you may not know about me is: I want to remain an enigma.

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