Kerry Fankauser, MSN, RN, assistant professor shares a story about her observance of the selflessness of MCCN student Donald Germany: A junior who was in APP last summer, Donald went out of his way to help a fellow student on a cold, snowy January night. Danielle Brown had accidentally locked her keys in her car with engine running, right in front of the College. With no spare key and no AAA, she called Safety & Security but was told they could not break into her car. Finding her in distress, Donald readily said he would help, even though he did not know her. He got his car from garage and when he returned he noticed that – with her coat locked in her car, she was cold. He didn’t hesitate to put his own coat around her shoulders, revealing his student uniform, from having just finished clinicals. Donald took equipment out of his car and tried to assist her for about ten minutes without success. I then called my AAA, who said they would come as soon as they could. Even though I told Donald that I would stay with Ms. Brown so that he could leave, he stayed, continuing to try and assist – he was successful before AAA arrived and Danielle was on her way! Donald Germany went above and beyond and I want to recognize him for his willingness to help another student in time of need.

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