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February 20, 2017, Rho Omicron hosted its General Membership meeting, and welcomed members and guests to the meeting featuring scholarship winners, the winner of the $50 profile picture contest and an engaging presentation by Kelly Kelleher, MD.

Congratulations to students Emily Sullivan and Shelly Schuttera who were each awarded $500 scholarships. Allison Kellogg won a $50 gift card (out of nine entries) for posting her profile picture on the chapter webpage.

(The following was compiled from excerpts taken from Dr. Kelleher’s introduction, Healthy Neighborhoods Healthy Families – Update to the Community Annual Report from Nationwide Children’s Hospital and notes taken during the presentation.)

Dr. Kelleher is Professor of Pediatrics and Public Health and ADS/Chlapaty Endowed Chair for Innovation in Pediatric Practice in the Colleges of Medicine and Public Health at The Ohio State University. He also holds the following positions at Nationwide Children’s Hospital: VP of Community Health and Services Research, VP for Health Services Research and Center Director in the Center for Innovation in Pediatric Research. He is involved in strategy development for the Nationwide Children’s Healthy Neighborhood Healthy Family zone focusing on neighborhood leaders, community agencies and related partnerships to improve housing, employment, schools and safety on the Near South Side of Columbus.

Dr. Kelleher engaged the audience in a problem-solving activity regarding how to improve health care for underserved populations of children. Nationwide Children’s Hospital’s program “Healthy Neighborhoods Healthy Families (HNHF) focuses on three zip codes in the South Side of Columbus with emphasis on Education, Health & Wellness, Save & Accessible Neighborhoods, Workforce Development & Affordable Housing.

These programs, offered by Nationwide Children’s Hospital, have gained state-wide and national attention.

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