Library Hours

  • Monday - Thursday: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Friday: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Library Staff Welcomes New & Returning Students

You Can Access Library 24/7!

All registered MCCN and MCCN/FMC students have access to the Library 24/7! You will be able to get into the Library by swiping your MCCN badge at the 3rd Floor Library entrance only. All Library visitors must wear MCHS/MCCN badges when visiting the Library. For students' safety, doors to the Library and CLE will lock at 5 p.m. and require a badge swipe to enter. Note: Library staffing hours will remain the same.

Use Your Library at Home

As an MCCN student, you automatically have a Library account, which gives virtual access to electronic books and journals, databases and other online resources. For more details on utilizing the Library from home, visit the Off-Campus Access Page.

Library Services

Professional reference staff is available Monday – Friday, 8 a. m. – 5 p. m. We offer Librarian On Demand Service – follow this link to schedule a time --

Library Resources

Here is helpful information for you to know about your Library and our services:

  • All your text books are available for "Library Use Only" checkout.
  • Laptops can be borrowed for daily use. They come fully loaded with Microsoft Office products and Google Chrome.
  • You can reserve Study Rooms on the 3rd & 4th floors for your individual and group study needs. Make reservations by linking to this calendar –


Your Library provides space to meet your needs. Below are descriptions of rooms you can reserve:

Room 307 Poster & Practice Room can be reserved for studying or practicing your upcoming head-to-toe exams. Sanitizing spray is provided to clean up after each use.

The Historic Collection and Prayer & Relaxation Room can be reserved weekdays for quiet prayer and relaxation. Times vary.

The Mother's Room is designated to pump breast milk, and split into two separate spaces with a privacy board and can be reserved. New moms have a quiet, peaceful place to pump.

Study Room 402 is available for individual and group study.

Room 403 besides being great for studying, in should be considered for practice presentations and public speaking. It can also be reserved for extracurricular activities, such as the Knitting Club.

Book these rooms at

Text for Silence

Is it too noisy in the designated quiet spaces of the Library to study effectively? You can text us at 614.541.2224 and a Library staff member will assist and help maintain a quiet study environment.

Help Your Library GoGreen

You may have noticed the new recycle bins on both floors of the Library. As part of our GoGreen initiative, the Library encourages you to recycle plastic, cans and paper. Please empty any liquid in containers before recycling them in order to reduce spills.

Any Questions?

Connect with us by chat/text, email or call, and you are more than welcome to visit us anytime. Most of the answers you can find at our Website:

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