Each year since its inception, MCCN director of Student Life, Colleen Cipriani, MA, asks for volunteers for FamJam, a family-oriented event co-presented by Franklin County Children’s Services and the Mayor of Columbus. FamJam is a free family enrichment festival held every summer and serves approximately 3,000 people in Franklin County. Thank you to the following students who volunteered their time on Saturday, August 5:

  • Tori Hedges
  • Jessica Hutchinson
  • Cari Allen
  • Fadumo Jama-Aden
  • Trisha Schemine
  • Jillian Reed
  • Claudia Pierce
  • Tara Thomas
  • Tracy Shoemaker
  • Christian Jacobs
  • Aireanna Adelsberger
  • Macayla Nance
  • Stacy Asiedu
  • Bailey Grove
  • Hadley Greg
  • Cayla Maddy
  • Taryn Carr
  • Britney Oyer
  • Serena Kotary
  • Makayla Sollars

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