Do you have a big idea that you think could move healthcare to the next level, improve the academic experience at MCCN, advance nursing research or enhance the community? If so, please consider applying for funding of your idea from the Ann E. Schiele Presidential Endowment fund. The application period – for funding in three key areas – is open from March 1 to 31. The application has been sent via email.

Ann E. Schiele, PhD, RN, president and dean emeritus, was employed at the College for a total of 50 years, serving as president and dean for 28 years. In honor of Dr. Schiele’s incredible vision and impact on the College, the MCCN Board of Trustees established the Ann E. Schiele Presidential Endowment Fund in 2014. The fund recognizes her unparalleled commitment and dedication to the field of nursing education with focus on four key areas: Collaborative Initiatives, Academics & Research, Community Partnerships, and Student Scholarships.

Examples of projects that were awarded funding last year include:

Collaborative Initiatives – Funds were provided to increase physician understanding of the role of food and nutrition in the care of patients with chronic disease. The College conducted five disease-specific cooking classes for nutrition education of Medical Residents through collaboration with The Healthy Living Center and Local-Matters, a non-profit agency.

Academics and Research – An Ann E. Schiele Senior Writing Award was established to emphasize the importance and priority of improving writing skills, to create motivation and provide student recognition.

Academics and Research – Funds were provided to create the Peer Advisors for First Year Experience Class. This program embraces student-centered education for approximately 150 students and positively impacts student academic performance, retention, self-efficacy and satisfaction.

Academics and Research – Funds were provided for a presentation, “Building Integrity Into Nursing Curriculum and Culture,” delivered at the 28th International Nursing Research Congress in Dublin, Ireland, in July 2017. This funding enabled the professional growth of one faculty member, enhanced the scholarly reputation of the College and will continue to impact all students though emphasis on core values of academic excellence, honesty and integrity as well as social responsibility.

Community Partnerships – Funds were provided to implement evidence-based interactive health education programs for students at Cristo Rey High School. MCCN students enrolled in the Second Degree Accelerated Program were also positively impacted through their engagement with the high school students and by learning about “Population Management related to Student Centered Education.”

Student Scholarships – At the Scholarship Dinner in September 2017, 13 students received scholarships. Applications for student scholarships are now open.

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