MCCN students Cameron Duke, Zachary Marchiando, Alexandrea Snodgrass, Mya Biswa and her sister Mamata, Aaron James Peren and Khalid Abdi joined students and ministers of other colleges with Ellen O’Shaughnessy, DMin, director of MCCN Campus Ministry and Campus Minister for the Downtowners on a Holy Hike October 6 and 7, throughout the city of Columbus.

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The Saturday hike included a stop at COSI to observe the Dinosaur Exhibit, a tour of the Ohio State House, and a wonderful dinner at the Hilton. The evening included MCCN freshman, Mya Biswa sharing her Hindu dance and Rob Darkoh of Franklin University sharing his dance of Ghana.

Sunday was a day of prayer and walk along the river, serving and sharing a meal with the homeless and poor at In the Garden at Third and Broad Streets in the undercroft of Trinity Episcopal, and a prayer service at In the Garden. The parting blessing was for the Holy Hike of God’s life in the everyday. “I came that you might have life and have it to the full.” The Gospel of John 10:10.

The Holy Hike was free for students, thanks to a grant made by the Southern Ohio Episcopal Diocese.

A few evaluations from students who participated:

“It was the greatest experience of my life. Holy Hike Retreat taught me kindness, acceptance and a way of embracing each other’s culture, values and beliefs. I am very grateful and thankful to Dr. O for giving me the opportunity to take time for myself, meet with all these amazing people whose goal is making a better world for us. As a freshman at MCCN, I was nervous and afraid about the whole college experience. But after meeting other students in campus ministry and the Holy Hike Retreat, I feel accepted and loved.” Mya Biswa

“I loved meeting new people, celebrating God together and learning about other religions, faiths and cultures. I am so grateful and blessed to experience this Holy Hike!” Alexandrea Snodgrass

“The State House was an amazing place to talk about issues and have reflection and discussion.” Zachary Marchiando

“I’m glad it was easy for me to come to this country back then and I hope the immigration policy improves in the future so other people can experience how amazing this country is and the many opportunities it offers. I think we can learn a lot from each other if we just take a chance to listen to each other” (referring to civility in the political arena). Khalid Abdi

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