MCCN students, please see below for a message of support from your peer advisors:

Alexis Delaney Diamond Josh Katy Megan Natalie Tori

Dear Classmates,

We all know how busy and stressful college can be at any time, from our first to our last semesters. We face different challenges with each new day and might find it helpful to have someone to offer guidance and just walk through it with us. As your Peer Advisors, we’ve had many of the same experiences as you, our classmates, and discovered ways to face these challenges and be successful nursing students. If you’d like some extra support from an upper classman, we’d love to help you. Feel free to email us directly and we’ll get back to you to schedule a time to get together.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Your Peer Advisors
Diamond Akabuaku
Megan Cleveland
Natalie Elswick
Josh Fralick
Katy Karper
Alexis Powell
Delaney West
Tori Williams

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