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The Mount Carmel Alumni Association is blessed to have two new board members, and a returning member who is the first male alumnus to ever serve as president. They bring energy and enthusiasm to the board and share a similar vision for the future. Meet them:

Ginny Lynch Bache

Year of graduation from Mount Carmel School of Nursing: 1959, Nursing Diploma

Other degrees/credentials: After working as a nurse in Columbus for two years and attending The Ohio State University, I was recruited into the Air Force where I served three years and attended Brooke AFB School of Aerospace Medical Flight Nurse Training. I married a pilot and soon became pregnant. Because at that time you could not serve if you were pregnant, I received an Honorable Discharge. Still loving nursing, I continued my education at every place we were stationed, and ten years, four children and 11 moves later, I earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Arizona State University and later took graduate courses at Catholic University in Washington, D.C. I’m certified in both Nursing Home Administration and Infection Control. Most recently, the prestigious International Nurses Association welcomed me into their organization and I’m now included in the Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare publication.

Professional Highlights: I’ve worked in nearly every area of nursing over 55 years, but became pretty frustrated and turned to publishing. I now serve patients as an author and a nursing consultant in Ohio. My book, “Finding A Nursing Home, What You Find When You Get There,” was published under the pen name of V.K. Lynn. My latest book is entitled “Wake Up America! Our Healthcare is Being Usurped.”

Write-a-Thon Update

Some alumni have already requested their packets to begin their letters. As you’ll recall, the Write-a-Thon is project of the Alumni Relations office in collaboration with Admissions. Alumni are needed to write letters to students who have been accepted to MCCN. Self-scripted, your short, handwritten letter will express your own heartfelt reasons for choosing Mount Carmel, as well as welcome students to the Mount Carmel family. This is a great project for those who live miles away but want to volunteer time and share their memories. To participate in the Write-a-Thon, send your contact information to the Alumni Relations office at alumnioffice@mccn.edu.

Katie Gordon Saenz

Year of graduation from Mount Carmel College of Nursing: 2008, Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Other degrees/ credentials: Not yet, but my goal is to become a midwife, which will require a Master of Science in Nursing.

Professional Highlights: Right after graduation nine years ago, I took a job at Memorial Medical Center in the tiny town of Port Lavaca, Texas, near the Gulf of Mexico. I knew I wanted to be an L&D Nurse, but it’s difficult for new graduates to start there, so I worked with a recruiter to find the right place. My plan was to complete a one-year contract and return to Ohio for my career. However, the best part of Texas is that it’s where I met my husband, so I decided to stay and have worked in L&D at Detar Women and Children’s Center in Victoria, Texas, for the past seven years. We now have two little girls; our oldest is three and was born by C-section, and our youngest is 11 weeks, born by VBAC (vaginal birth after C-section). I feel so privileged to have personally experienced both types of birth, as I feel it helps me be a stronger L&D nurse for my patients.

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