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In September, the Student Government Association at Mount Carmel (SGA) sent a letter to MCCN President Christine Wynd, PhD, RN, outlining and offering assistance to help address these concerns:

Yahya Musa

As part of our ongoing series of profile faculty, staff and student representatives, this month we feature MCCN student Yahya Musa from the Columbus campus.

Name: Yahya Musa

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

I can’t live without… My cousins “Al” and “Mo.”

ATI has two new products that will help students achieve academic and NCLEX-RN success. They are "Achieve" and "NurseLogic".

MCCN student Yuliya Fonin attended the Propel Ohio Collegiate Leadership Summit, hosted by U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown at The Ohio State University on Friday, October 16.

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Ambassadors lead by example, setting a high standard of excellence, and personally developing their leadership skills.

Learn more about MCCN’s new online Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program or our Master of Science (MS) program with four track options in nursing.

November Surprise

The library is preparing a big surprise for November 17. Stay tuned to http://library.mchs.com and check us out on Facebook and Twitter for more details.

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